Media relations

Our teams are expert in creating media relations campaigns that reach targeted audiences with memorable messaging and moments. Our experience is wide and varied -  handling literary prizes, global events, destination messaging and place making initiatives.


Crisis and issues

We have handled a variety of different crises – working with tourist boards, retail and attractions and finance and professional sectors. Our Protect® crisis communications offer is unique to us – showcasing and guiding clients through a variety of scenarios.


Media training

We are expert in creating media training programmes that suit our clients’ challenges and needs.   We have a unique training programme 1-3-6-2®, which deals with messaging – guiding clients on how to create winning strategies.


Communications strategy

We create outcome driven strategies for all-out success for our clients.  We leave no stone unturned and are able to create effective strategies with the help of our understanding of the market we are operating in.

Key people

Headshot of Ray Eglington
Group managing director

Ray Eglington

Headshot of Samir Hammad
Chief executive, MENA

Samir Hammad

Headshot of Emily Alexander
Managing director, corporate reputation & issues

Emily Alexander

Natalie Amos
Managing director, Lifestyle MENA

Natalie Amos

Jon Atkins
Managing director, corporate & financial

Jonathan Atkins

Helen Coop
Managing director, travel

Helen Coop

Headshot of Lizzie Costelloe
Managing director, brand & retail

Lizzie Costelloe

Catherine Eastham
Director, health

Catherine Eastham

Headshot of Seren Hirons
Managing director, brand & luxury

Seren Hirons

Ghali Houri
Managing director, government

Ghali Houri

Headshot of Mohaned Lafi
Managing director, corporate & business, MENA

Mohaned Lafi

Headshot of Vicky McGuire
Managing director, social purpose

Vicky McGuire

Headshot of Fiona O'Rorke
Managing director, brand & consumer

Fiona O'Rorke

Matt Railton
Managing director, culture

Matt Railton

Headshot of Truda Spruyt
Managing director, culture

Truda Spruyt